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deir el qasi

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sadeq family

dayr al-qassi' or deir el-qasi is a palestinian village located 26km northeast of the city of acre. according to a 1945 census the village had a population of 2,300 at a time where the village was apart of larger town also contain the two villages of fassuta (existent) and al-mansura. the town was mostly muslim but had a large christian minority. its total land area was 34,011 dunums of which only about 8,092 dunums were built upon. during the 1948 arab-israeli war dayr al-qassi was defended by the arab liberation army but was defeated by israel during its offensive operation hiram on october 30, 1948. the town's residents were expelled on may 27, 1949 and most migrated north into lebanon.

deir el qasi

the site of deir el qasi village and the view from the eastward towards safad. the village lies 675 m over sea level, 27 km northeast of akka, and about 20 km to the east of coastline.

the upper floor of the two-floors house in deir el qasi and it belongs to sadeq family, and you can see kosh settlement and the mountains of safad

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israeli occupation date

october 30, 1948

distance from district center

26 (km) northeast of acre

elevation from the sea

675 (meters)

israeli military operation



local militia & arab liberation army

refugees' migration route

dayr al-qasi refugees were pushed northward to a route leading to rumaysh in lebanon, which was known then to the israelis by al-qawuqji route.

exodus cause

military assault by jewish troops

village remains
after destruction by israelis

dayr al-qasi was mostly destroyed with the exception of few houses currently being used by israeli jewish settlers.

ethnically cleansing
by israelis

dayr al-qasi was mostly ethnically cleansed soon after occupation, and on may 27th, 1949 the "jewish state" ethnically cleansed all remaining residence to lebanon.

village clans or hamolas

for now, we're aware of the folloing clans/hamulas: sadeq, ma'arouf, aoudi, hamada, al-khatib, al-kassab, ali-al bukkaee, orfali, hammoud, al-sheikh taha (kassem) and al-thahir (or zahir). if your clan name is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.


one elementary school for boys which was founded during the british mandate period.

religious institutions

two mosques


two shrines:- 1st for al-shaykh jawhar and the 2nd for abu halyun. the village also had a zawiya for the al-shadhiliyya sufi brotherhood.

water supplies

the springs of al-fassuta and al-mansura, and a pool collecting rain water.

archeological sites

the village contains ancient artifacts from the canaanites, israelites, and romans periods.

exculsive jewish colonies on town's lands

alkosh, netu'a, mattat, and abbirim

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